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Garden Flowers Blue pimpernel (Anagallis Monellii )
(description, cultivation, planting, care, watering)

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garden flowers dark blue Blue pimpernel Anagallis Monellii  photos, description, cultivation and planting, care and watering
flowers dark blue Blue pimpernel Anagallis Monellii photo

Blue pimpernel Anagallis Monellii characteristics

plant typeannual, perennial
plant height5-30 cm
flower sizemiddle
is fragrantno
flowering timejune, jule, august, autumn
type of stalkcreeping
known to be toxicno
flower colordark blue

Blue pimpernel Anagallis Monellii planting

userock garden, border, flowerbed, potting, groundcover
sun exposurefull sun

Anagallis Monellii Blue pimpernel care

cold resistancefrost-resistant plant

Anagallis Monellii Blue pimpernel growing

soil acidityalkaline
soil typesandy-loamy
soil moisturemoderate moist soil




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